Hello, my name is Suzana, better known as Suka / Sukitita
The creation of this site was the way I found to organize the numerous
files that are on sale since 2010.
All textures are neatly separated by category.
You can place your orders sending me a e-mail or a private message to Suka.
And for those who still prefer the old way, you can place your order directly on the groups.
All files that you find on this site are made by me.
Most files sold here are in .psd and / or .jpg format. Some files in .psd format
don’t have all layers named,but I believe this won’t be problem for you.
So far I haven’t received a single complain about it.
Some files in .psd do not contain the same parts in .jpg/png,
if you prefer this format just let me know.
All files in this site are made by me. Here you won’t find any file made by others.
All colors shown in the demo image are part of the files pack.